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It is a great pleasure to be able to support the London Racing Club in the excellent work it does to promote the sport we all love, and by extension to introduce you to and, especially, to Geegeez Gold. is a website designed by horse racing fans for horse racing fans. Its primary focus is unashamedly on the betting side of the game, and on helping those either pushed for time or short on info to get more knowledge in less time.

When you visit the site you’ll find strong editorial from established industry veterans like Tony Stafford and Malcolm Boyle alongside pithy data-driven content from Tony Keenan and, cough, myself.

We’re fully independent which allows us free rein on what we say – as long as it is evidence-based and fair-minded – so you’ll not find too many ‘love ins’ on our virtual pages. That said, there is much for the punter to chew on, from contrarian tipping such as Stat of the Day and Race of the Day, to the aforementioned Gold toolkit.

Geegeez Gold is a premium package of performance pointers for punters. Phew! In short, we provide racecards, tips and tools that give people who bet more knowledge in less time. From simple race views like Instant Expert – a colour-coded form profile of the entire field which can be digested in seconds, to flexible pace maps so you can see which horses may be suited by the run of the race, to more sophisticated form tools where your imagination is the only constraint.
Gold’s racecards provide a hidden depth of insight, via the use of icons which open up inline content, not available in such a handy format anywhere else. View trainer or sire form in the context of today’s race; see how formlines have worked out since; and understand the head-to-head record of race runners.

We also carry green (good) and red (not so good) form indicators on the card, as well as ratings for all UK races.

There is so much more to Geegeez Gold, such as a members’ only forum, query tool, draw analyser, prize tipping league, and a suite of winner-finding reports. If you bet using anything more than a daily newspaper, then I’d like to invite you to try Geegeez Gold for yourself. And, if you like it, I’m happy to offer LRC members an exclusive third-off discount on the usual monthly subscription.

Just point your browser at and enter the code LRC when signing up. You first month will cost 67p. Thereafter, if you wish to remain a subscriber, it’s just £20 a month, reduced for LRC members from £30. Remember to enter the code LRC at checkout!

Matt Bisogno,

p.s. if you have any questions, drop me a line at